Stroke (Cerebrovascular accident)

StrokeCerebro- vascular Diseases  includes:

  • Acute Focal Stroke – It is characterised by the sudden appearance of a focal deficit of brain function, most commonly a hemiplegia, sensory loss of half body (hemi- sensory loss) or brain- stem defecit.
  • Cerebral Infarction – It is due to a clot in the vascular supply of brain leading to insufficient blood supply of brain leading to insufficient blood supply to that area. This will lead to infarction and failure of various neuronal functions. The final result of this process depends on the circulatory homeostatic mechanisms, and the severity and duration of the reduction in blood flow.
  • Intra- cerebral Haemorrhage/ Sub- arachnoid Haemorrhage – This is the result of blood vessel occurs inside the brain or in the sub- arachnoid space. The clinical sign will remain the same as above.

Most of the cerebro- vascular injuries are medical emergencies and must be treated under a specialized medical supervision.

Role of Physiotherapist

In all cases of cerebro- vascular accidents or stroke, Physiotherapist plays a very major role in the rehabilitation procedure and to make the life as comforting for the patient as possible. This also leads to better recovery, lesser time on bed and early getting bed to normal/ near normal activities of daily living.

Image stroke physiotherapy

When to contact a Physiotherapist

Generally, after the discharge, the patient should be referred to Physiotherapy so that complete rehabilitation and functional independence should be achieved in the optimum time.

If not referred to the physiotherapist, and you find any of the following signs and symptoms in the patient then you must consult a physiotherapist:

  • Difficulty in movements of arm.
  • Difficulty/ inability to roll in the bed from one position to another.
  • Difficulty/ inability in sitting and doing functional tasks like feeding, drinking water.
  • Difficulty/ inability to stand or walk.
  • Facial expressions are not normal.
  • Body presents with abnormal posture that is not corrected with active efforts.
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