Laptop and Pain


Physiotherapy in offices

Do’s and Don’ts for Laptops and Desktops

Here are some tips for people who are working 8 – 12 hours at a stretch on desktops or laptops to avoid cervical problems like pain, neck stiffness, vertigo, dizziness and headaches.

Do’s to prevent pain on using laptops

  • Do cervical (neck) strengthening exercises twice everyday.
  • Sit on a good chair with minimum cushion while working.
  • Adjust the height of screen, so that it lies ion front of the eyes

Don’ts to prevent pain on using laptops

  • Sit on bed while working
  • Work for more than 45 min at a stretch
  • Place your laptop in your lap while sitting on a chair while working.
  • Lying down while working on laptops.