Patient’s Area

As soon as we receive filled contact form, you will be contacted shortly by our physiotherapist to know more about your condition. (If you are in hurry, then you can call us directly on the phone no. mentioned above. We will be more than happy to help you). This will help in ensuring what best PhysioPort can do for you

Once it is established that you will be benefited by our services, we will forward your call to the physiotherapist who will call you to fix an appointment to visit at your place.

First Visit

This is basically an assessment visit in which the physiotherapist will do a complete physical examination of the patient along with taking the case history and discussing the treatment plan and likely outcomes of the physiotherapy treatment.

Individualized treatment plan will be formulated with expected time of treatment, tentative number of physiotherapy sittings and the further cost of the treatment.

After the first physiotherapy session, you will become the part of PhysioPort’s family and a unique patient URL will be mailed to you. This will include the details of your assessment as well as your identification data. Whatever treatment you will be receiving thereafter will be updated weekly. So that you always have access to the on-line treatment prescription.

Subsequent Visits

Your physiotherapy treatment plans will be reviewed by the visiting physiotherapist according to the response to the treatment. On weekly and biweekly basis and discharge from physiotherapy treatment or further referral will be advised as per he requirement.

These subsequent visits sometimes requires the use of modalities or physiotherapy equipments. The options for these modalities will also be discussed.

If you are referred by an expert Orthopedics, Neurologist or any other specialist doctor then we can skip the initial assessment visit and can directly start the treatment according to the prescription of the doctor. In these case it is must to have your treatment records with you when the physiotherapist will be visiting your place.

If required, the concerned physiotherapist will talk to your doctor, on phone, to get further information regarding the plan of care and special precautions. This is mostly required in post- surgical cases that requires specific treatment protocols.

An advance management system is used for the patients and clients. This will help them to view their treatment records just on the click of a button. Clients will be able to see their treatment records, able to give feedback, check payment details.

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