MPD in Craniomandibular Pain Syndrome


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Definition of MPD (Myofascial Pain Dysfunction) Syndrome in Cranial- Mandibular  Pain Dysfunction requires the presence of only one of the following for its diagnosis. (As proposed by Laskin – Etiology of the pain-dysfunction syndrome) :

  1. A unilateral pain, usually in the ear or pre- auricular area. The pain might radiate to the other areas, often increased during the day and was exacerbated at meal time.
  2. Masticatory muscle tenderness.
  3. Clicking and popping noises in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Joint sounds had to be accompanied by pain or tenderness.
  4. Limited opening of the jaws, or deviation of the mandible on opening, but rarely both at the same time.

This diagnosis also requires the absence of clinical or radio-logical evidence of organic changes in the TMJ.