Knee Joint Osteoarthritis

Knee Joint OsteoarthritisDegenerative disease of knee joint that affects the articular cartilage of knee joint leading to varying level of pain, stiffness and functional difficulties.


  • generally, it occurs in elderly people but now, it is not uncommon in the younger population.
  • Pain in the knee joint and lower thigh is the commonest feature.
  • Variable degree of swelling in and around knee joint may be present.
  • Stiffness and pain in knee joint before starting an activity after period of rest or in the morning.
  • Later, due to the damaged joint cartilage, pain occurs more severely after an activity like stair climbing, or running/ standing for longer duration.
  • Further, it may leads to completely extend (straighten) the knee joint.
  • Crepitus or creaking sound on moving the knee joint may be present.

When to consult a Physiotherapist

  • Any pain of sudden/ or slow onset in and around knee joint without any recent history of trauma.
  • Pain and stiffness in knee while getting up from the bed.
  • Pain in knee while sitting cross- legged, climbing stair or walking/ standing for long duration.
  • Felt creaking sound/ crepitus in knee joint while moving the knee joint.
  • Physician/ or orthopedician has confirmed the diagnosis of osteoarthritis of knee joint.
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