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Physiotherapy plays an important part in the rehabilitation of clients with injury, illness and surgery by relieving pain, restoration of function, gaining strength and learning normal walking. The physiotherapist achieve this by various modalities including electrotherapy, exercise therapy, manual therapy and others depending upon the requirements of the patient and specialization of the physiotherapist. In some of the cases, it is not possible for the patient to visit the physiotherapy clinic. In these cases, the role of Home Physiotherapy or domiciliary physiotherapy comes in.

What is Home Physiotherapy?

Home PhysiotherapyComplete assessment and physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation when provided at the patient’s own home or place of his/ her stay then it is called Home Physiotherapy. The Physiotherapist who specializes in providing physiotherapy at home is known as Domiciliary Physiotherapist or Home Health Care Experts.

How Physiotherapy at home is provided?

As already mentioned, the physiotherapy treatment and the process of rehabilitation require different treatment modalities. The Physiotherapist who will be visiting the client gives an assessment visit to the client in which he will comprehensively assess the client and document his requirement and further treatment protocol. Also, he will guide the care taker or the family of the client about the further treatment protocol that will be followed at home. From the next session, the physiotherapist will bring all the required modalities that will best suit the client.

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Who should take Home Physiotherapy?


The patient is bed- ridden due to some serious illness e.g. cancer, Gulianne Barr Syndrome (GBS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Stroke leading to Hemiplegia and paralysis. In these cases, it is not possible for the patient to visit the physiotherapist at the clinic, so he should seek the Physiotherapy Services at Home.


The person is seriously injured. The injury is preventing the person to visit the physiotherapy center. This happens in injuries like that occurred during Road Traffic Accident (RTA) involving fractures of lower limb (thigh, leg and pelvic injuries), Spine fractures; Falls resulted in ligament injuries or fractures; burn case; Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) due to gun- shot injuries and others; Ligament injuries of lower limb e.g. ACL tear of knee, Meniscus tear of Knee, Lateral Ankle Sprain, Sprained Low Back or Disc problems.

Post- operative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation of patients who has undergone surgeries. These surgeries can range from post- fracture surgeries, post- burn surgeries, surgeries in cancer and neurological cases, cardiac surgeries, total hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgeries.

As alternative to Clinic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy at home is an expensive alternative to the physiotherapy treatment provided at the clinic. Yet some people prefer to get Physiotherapy treatment at the comfort of the home. This happens mostly with the people who do not able to take out time from their schedule to take physiotherapy session at the clinic. In some cases, homes are located on higher floors without the provision of lifts. In these cases, it became difficult for the older patients or clients with problem in low back or legs to visit the clinic. As this prevents them to take regular physiotherapy sessions at the clinic so they prefer to take Physiotherapy at Home.

What to expect from Physiotherapy at Home?

Post- operative/ Post- fracture/ Post- injury Rehabilitation

Complete functional or maximum possible functional recovery that is expected by the concerned physician as well as the Physiotherapist. Once the client’s mobility is regained, he can also join some nearby Physiotherapy clinic for further treatment which s more cost effective.


Physiotherapy will be continued at home till the expected recovery from the illness is made. In some of the cases the illness is progressive (like Multiple Sclerosis, Malignant Tumors of Spine, and Cervical Myeloma) and the physiotherapy will continue for the longer duration. The goals will be reviewed for the physiotherapy according to the patient response.

Developmental Delays/ Cerebral Palsy

This category also includes the other pediatric conditions like Down’s syndrome, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Long term Physiotherapy and/or Occupational Therapy is required and the parents are expected and advised not to discontinue the therapies even if the child is better. In these cases the Physiotherapist will be keep reviewing the cases and initiate therapies when required again.


Although the physiotherapy treatment at home is an expensive alternative to the physiotherapy treatment at the clinic. But sometimes plays a very crucial role in the overall recovery of the patient. This can be seen as a boon for people who will otherwise required to be admitted to the hospital to get the therapy sessions. At the same time, they have to bear the cost of other expenses that I part of the hospital stay.

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