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Physiotherapy-physioport1 - CopyMusculoskeletal disorders are the major health problems in the offices today. These problems are eating out the working hours of the employees. In fact, work- related physical factors showed a strong association with sickness absenteeism.  I.e. One- third of lost work days due to injuries are contributed by strain, sprain and back injuries.

Competitive nature of the workplaces demands their employees to be perfectly fit both physically and mentally. Thus, health and wellness of the employees are part of strategic priorities to all major corporate groups today. So, even a small ongoing investment in the health care can pay big dividends for the business.

We are proud to introduce our Four- fold Integrated Systematic Healthcare (FISH) program that will address the area of corporate health through range of flexible and customized options. The FISH program is specially designed to suit employer’s needs.

Posture and Exercise Workshop

  • One time presentation
  • Periodic presentations and workshops.

These presentations will help the employees to understand the causes of various strains, sprains and backaches that they are suffering from. Along with that the employees will learn the simple exercises that will help them to stay away from injuries.

Ergonomic Assessment

The office focused ergonomic assessment is to analyze the office settings in terms of injury proneness. This will help in preventing injuries at the first place. That is to help create an injury free work environment. A complete report will be provided as suggestive changes that will be required to be done to decrease the chances of sprains, strains and backaches due to the office environment or office furniture.

Hands- on Treatment

The companies can take either of the following two types of plans or can take both the plans combined.

In- office Physiotherapy Set-up

Sometimes, the employee has an acute strain or episodes of severe back pain at the office. This needs proper medical attention. This scenario is quite similar to the injuries incurred at the football and cricket grounds. Prompt medical attention in these cases will leads to earlier recovery and getting back to work.

We provide quick physiotherapy facilities for these kinds of cases. In these cases, a competent physiotherapist will provide the treatment as per the requirement.

The physiotherapist will also helps in guiding about the further course of treatment , rest and diagnostic testing like X- rays, MRIs (if required), or the referral to the concerned physician.

This will also helps in building the trust of the employees to their employers.

Physiotherapy Sessions for Senior Executives

Many of the employees in every office are suffering from neck pains, backaches and similar problems. Later, these problems lead to the work absence. Our approach is to provide in- office physiotherapy especially to the executives who have higher responsibilities in the corporate houses and cannot take out time to go for the physiotherapy treatment when required.

So, leave the worries about the health of company’s senior officials. We will cater them at their place of convenience, whether they are in the office or at their home.

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