PhysioPort- Delhi Physiotherapy Services had served Delhi and NCR for over 10 years and provided one- stop solution for all the people seeking Physiotherapy related services.

We are pioneers in Physiotherapy arena known for introducing Corporate Physiotherapy Solutions and Sports Physiotherapy Solutions in Delhi and NCR. We believe and trust that everyone in need of Physiotherapy will be able to get it whether its in our Clinic, your home through our domiciliary physiotherapy services or at your offices.

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July 12, 2013   Tilak Nagar   

Really good services. Highly recommended.
Had sessions for my back problem and I am really satisfied with the progress.

June 29, 2017   Malta   

thanks for providing Dry needling sessions at my place. got relieved from my neck pain really quickly. The way you handle your clients is really amazing.

Although I found Dry needling a bit expensive then other forms of Physiotherapy but it works for me.

October 13, 2014   Shivaji Enclave   

My shoulder pain is much better now. Its all because of PhysioPort.
I was in pain from last one year. My frozen shoulder and stiff neck is not letting me do the normal household activities. But after taking a month of physiotherapy at my place I am feeling much better now. Its all thanks to you that now I am able to lift my one year old grandson. I really appreciate your efforts.

January 5, 2014  

I wish to say a big thanks to PhysioPort for the way they had handled the case of my mother in law. She suffered from stroke last year that leads to complete absence of any movement on right side. But the care and quality of therapy received is really proved effective for her. My mother in law,  Hemlata Dutt,  is walking independently after 5 months of rigorous physiotherapy. And now she is independent in all of her activities of daily living.

April 3, 2015   Vishnu Garden   

My father- in- law was 80 years of age and was not taking any diet except liquids from last few days. He used to vomit whenever he was fed something. We consulted a physician, who advised us to get chest physiotherapy done. After taking just three sittings on alternate days, he himself ask us to give chapati. It was no less then a miracle for us. Thank you for helping us.

March 17, 2015   Defense Colony   

Thanks for providing a good physiotherapist for my back pain. One thing I really want to mention is my expectations from physiotherapy was not much for my acute back pain which bounded me to the bed for the whole day. But now I will really recommend you guys.

April 2, 2017   New York   

Its been nice to get a physiotherapy from your side when I need it the most.

I came here with a group for some back to back business meeting. This lead to a soar back. I should thanks Dr. Abhishek for providing a quick manual therapy session that assured me that I would be able to attend all my meetings and then making me able enough that i visited Tajmahal that too after travelling by road.

December 10, 2013  

Fifteen days of leave from my work made me quite anxious about my back pain. But the way Dr. Aggarwal explained me about my problem and the course of my treatment helps me in reducing my anxiety. I am alright now and the whole credit for it goes to PhysioPort. Thank You PhysioPort.

December 23, 2014   Paschim Vihar   

Thank you PhysioPort for providing the Physiotherapist at the oddest hour for me. I know this requires some extra efforts from your side to provide me a really good physiotherapist just in three odd hours of calling you specially when I need to board the flight later in the evening. I am satisfied with the treatment provided by Dr. Sanjay Garg. I was able to fly painfree yesterday.


August 27, 2014   Paschim Vihar   

I want to thanks Dr. Mrigank Aggarwal for relieving me completely from Bell’s palsy.

On 22nd July, while working on sewing machine, my face started tilting on left side and I completely lost my control over my right side of face. I was unable to speak, eat properly. On the same day we went to a neurologist at a reputed hospital who told us to go for physiotherapy along with providing some medications. Then we started looking for a good physiotherapist. We came to know about this place through an article in Hindustan Times on the following day. Then we started physiotherapy at Cure ‘n’ Care. Dr. Mrigank Aggarwal spares good time for us in explaining the prognosis. He told us that we require continuous physiotherapy and exercises for one month. He also told us that in cases of Bell’s palsy the first month is of foremost important. He also appreciated us for starting the treatment promptly.

Although, I was unsure about any magic from physiotherapy and was not expecting complete recovery. I was very tense as I was only 26 year old and married. With passing each day my face started feeling better including my tongue. I started exercising even more. During the last month, lots of people came to us on different holidays like Teej, rakshabandhan and Independence Day. On teej (30th july), all of them were able to identify that I am having some problem in my face. But, by the time of rakshabandhan, even my brothers were not able to make out any difference on two sides of my face. I am really happy. Thanking you once again.

October 4, 2013   Punjabi Bagh   

My orthopedic surgeon had advised me to go for arthroscopic surgery when I had a partial tear to ACL ligament of my left knee. The tear is visible in my knee MRI. But I was not sure about going for surgery. So, while looking for the options I once talked to Dr. Mrigank Aggarwal, who told me that in cases of partial tear of ACL, either we can directly opt for surgery or try physiotherapy for 4 Weeks (he called it conservative treatment), if physiotherapy works, surgery will be avoided. He also told me that even if I need a surgery, my muscle strength will be better for post operative recovery. It makes sense to me.
As I am not in position to go to the clinic so I opted for physiotherapy at my home in Punjabi Bagh. I started improving in the first week itself. It took 8 Weeks of continuous physiotherapy sessions followed by weekly review at his clinic. Now I am completely fit and able to play football also. Thanks to PhysioPort.

January 5, 2018   Delhi   

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